Construction of an house with bungalows in Costa Rica “The Jungle hub”

We started building this project on November 1st 2014 therefore it is still a work in progress. When my sister and I visited the lot for the first time we immediately noticed the particular “ridge” shape of the land, long and narrow, overlooking the jungle on both sides, which suggest an abstract long straight line that goes from the entrance to the end of the lot. This line lays in between the 30 meters tall trees on its right and the ocean/jungle view on its left side. I decided to design and build Carla’s house and the two bungalows for rent all along this line. It will be possible in the future to further develop more units along this line all the way deeper and deeper into the forest, closer to the costa rican wildlife and exuberant nature. It is like living in it, inside the “pacha mama” and I specifically chose the “venetian style” blinds for the doors to allow every sound and perfumes brought by the breeze to enter the house, as if there were no walls. The modern style of the buildings deliberately want to stand out in contrast to the chaotic biodiversity of the costa rican rain forest. On this project I used my passion, my skills and my architecture knowledge to trap the light of the sun, the energy of the jungle and combine all those elements to celebrate an authentic atmosphere that makes this new creation very special. Check out the pictures, hope you like it!